• Hakeem Bakare Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife
  • Phillip Ayoola Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife
  • Ibikunle Ogundari
  • Joshua Akarakiri


Articulated vehicle, Accidents, DUI, RTC, Transportation, Petroleum products, Tanker drivers


Transportation of petroleum products by road in Southwestern Nigeria has been inundated with a high number of accidents that is often associated with safety consequences and gross disregard for standard regulations and guidelines. This research paper focused on the dynamics influencing the high rate of Petroleum products vehicle road mishaps in Southwestern Nigeria. The route from Lagos to Akure and Lagos to Ogbomosho were considered, and data was collected from a total of 150 respondents comprising of tanker drivers, tanker owners and FRSC officials using a set of questionnaire. The results showed that 77.1% of the drivers consume alcohol while driving, and 97.9% learnt how to drive in the informal way, while FRSC regulations stipulates otherwise. All (100%) of the drivers have never gone for eye test which is one of the major requirements for issuing and renewing driver’s licenses. More than 90% of the respondents agree that drivers age, experience, and health and eye conditions greatly influence the occurrence of articulated vehicle accidents. The analysis of mean shows (on a scale of 1 = low to 5 = very high) that long trip hours (3.95), bad road carriageway (4.02), unavailability of road signs (4.08), driving-under-influence (DUI) of alcohol (4.87), malfunctioning braking systems (4.87) and fitting wrong axle specification on vehicles (4.97) are key factors influencing articulated petrol tanker accidents. In conclusion, accident of articulated petroleum vehicles can be reduced if concerned stakeholders can adhere to procedures, regulations and policies provided by related government agencies regarding driving on the highway and if roads and vehicles are kept in good condition and maintain manufacturers’ standards. In addition, there should be greater enforcement of laws for driving under the influence of alcoholic drinks and policies for eyes test, health fitness checks and psych evaluation. Lastly, government should endeavor to make swift repairs on major roads and road signs.



2021-04-01 — Updated on 2021-04-01


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Bakare, H., Ayoola, P. ., Ogundari, I., & Akarakiri, J. (2021). DYNAMICS OF ROAD MISHAPS INVOLVING PETROLEUM PRODUCTS VEHICLES IN SOUTHWESTERN NIGERIA. African Journal of Science Policy and Innovation Management, 1(2), 50 - 60. Retrieved from https://ajspim.oauife.edu.ng/index.php/ajspim/article/view/75

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